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3rd Party POS Software

Various folks have written add-on software to enhance the Cash Register experience. This is the place to download those programs. Please remember that this software was not written by me and that if you have questions or problems you must contact the author of the program because I have no idea what is going on, as usual.

While the software on this page is probably really cool stuff and will probably not launch your computer into near earth orbit there is no guarantee of that other than is what is provided by the author of the software. A posting date is provided and it is more likely that software that is been on this page for longer is safer but you never know for sure.

If you do download and use the software on this page a really swell idea would be to write a review of the software and send it to me to post here.

Want to write some 3rd party software? Here are the file formats for several of the POS data files.

Description / Function Download link Posting date


by Dale Harris

Well technically this is not a 3rd part program because I wrote it. However it is not included in the main POS program download. This program allows you to use a second monitor instead of a pole display as a customer display. This is usually much cheaper that purchasing a pole display and unlike a pole display that will only display two 40 character lines of data BIGPOLEQ can display up to 25 lines of data.

BIGPOLEQ 7-12-2012


by Blake Royer

Layaway allows your customers to put merchandise on hold, making smaller payments in intervals instead of the full amount at once. Customers may even buy more if you give them this option.

This program can be used to add layaway functionality alongside DHPOS. I developed this program to use in our stores to keep track of hundreds of layaways. Now I'm sharing it with the great DHPOS community. The program stores customers' information and layaways in a (hopefully) easy to use manner. Instructions for installation and usage are included with the file.

This program is not perfect and may have bugs. Please be careful when using it and make plentiful backups.

The download file is self extracting. Download it to the same folder that contains your other DHPOS software files, run it, and 3 files will pop out. LAYAWAY.TXT is the manual, LAYAWAY.EXE is the program, and LAYAWAY.INI is a configuration file.

http://www.dhpos.com/layaway1.exe 6-3-2012


by Small

Small has come up with his own pole display program that looks like an actual pole display only displayed on a second monitor. Really interesting.

small.htm 8-14-2023

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