Cash Register

From this page you can download the Cash Register program a file at a time. These files are not zipped and therefore will not require that you unzip them.

INSTRUCTIONS: Create a new folder on your C: hard drive and then download all of the listed files to your new folder. To start the program run the POS.EXE file. A user's guide is in the REGISTER.TXT file that can be loaded into any word processing software.

* Program files that cannot be run directly. They must be called by one of the other program files.

INVENTOR.BAT This file launches the RECEIVE.EXE program but turns it into the Inventory program.
These files are used by the program as various methods of opening serial cash drawers
APRINT6.EXE This program runs in the background and sends the print stream to the printer through the Windows printer driver, may also be required to open serial port cash drawer.
BIGPOLE.EXE This program turns a networked computer into a pole display.
* CF.EXE This is a daughter program to the POSCONFG.EXE program
* CF2.EXE This is a daughter program to the POSCONFG.EXE program
* CLOSE.EXE This is a daughter program to the POS.EXE program
CLOSECNT.EXE This program will add up the cash in the drawer when the register is closed
CONVERT.EXE This program will pop up when the software needs to convert old data files to a new format.
FIX_HIST.EXE This program repairs an error in the history file caused in versions 6.40 to 6.40k
* FILEINFO.EXE This daughter program performs the "Reports" function.
* GIFTCARD.EXE This daughter program is the one that sells gift cards.
KITCHEN.EXE This program displays or prints food orders in the kitchen.
LOOKUP.EXE This program is run on a networked computer and allows customers to lookup items in the stock table
* MALLFILE.EXE This daughter program transmit a sales file to the mall when you close the register.
* MAILEX.EXE This daughter program emails or FTP's automatic reports when you close the register.
POLE.EXE This program runs in the background and drives pole displays
POS.EXE this is the main program file and is the cash register.
POSCONFG.EXE This program configures the POS software
PROGRAMS.EXE This program will allow you to run other DOS programs from the POS.EXE menu.
PURCHASE.EXE This program creates purchase orders from the data in the stock table
REC2CSV.EXE This program reads the data from previous transactions and writes it to a .CSV data file.
RECONVRT.EXE This program toggles the software between a maximum of 60 lines per sale and maximum of 200 lines per sale.
RECEIVE.EXE This program receives shipments into your store and adds them into the stock table
REMOTE.EXE This program remotely monitors up to 6 networked registers on the screen.
SONDSCAN.EXE This program transmits sales data to Nielsen Sound Scan
* STOCKS.EXE A daughter program that maintains the stock table
TEXTREAD.EXE This program will read, display, print, copy, or delete reports text files.
* THEATER.EXE A daughter program that sets up and sells tickets.
* TIMECLOK.EXE This daughter program allows employess to punch in and out on a time clock.
* TIMER.EXE A daughter program that runs the timers
REGISTER.PDF This is the .PDF version of the user's guide for the program
COUNTLOG.TXT This is a form used to take inventory
COUNTSLP.TXT This is a form used to take inventory
REGISTER.TXT This is the plain text version of the user's guide for the program
STOCKTABLE.XLS This Excel file is used to import data into the stock table

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