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The text below the line is my standard handout for my software. It gives a basic outline of my software but is short enough to fit on one piece of paper (both sides). Clicking on the "download file" disk above will allow you to download a zipped text file of the brochure. You may load the file (once unzipped) into any word processing program and format and print it on your printer.
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The following software packages are available from Dale Harris Educational Software. They will run on ALL I.B.M. and compatable computers under DOS, Windows 3.x, or Windows 95 & 98. They will run under any video standard and any printer. Each program requires less than 1 megabyte of disk storage and less that 1 megabyte of memory except Cash Register which will require 1.5 megabytes of disk space.

This software is free. You may obtain a FREE fully functional copy of each program by downloading it from my website at or by mailing one blank 1.44M disk per program and a self addressed stamped envelope to the address at the top of this form. Make sure that the envelope and postage are sufficent to return your disks.


Convert any DOS or Windows computer into a cash register. Use with or without a printer, cash drawer, or scanner. Will print receipts on both receipt printers and regular computer printers. Will track up to 14 different data on up to 13,000 different items or use "straight out of the box" for a garage sale, flea market, or hot dog stand. Will run multiple registers when computers are connected over a network. Hundreds of features that you can either use or ignore. Suitable for everything from a lemonade stand to a medium sized retail store.


This program prints tests, study sheets, and makes computer given quizzes. To use this program you may enter up to 999 questions per course (128 courses per drive) using a question editor similar to those in word processors or use your own WP program to write the questions and this program can import them. This program will spell check your questions.

Once the questions have been entered you select the questions that you wish to use to make a test, study sheet, or quiz, along with many different formatting options.

This program is extremely flexible (there are 2048 ways to make a test) yet easy to use. It was written with the computer novice in mind, it is just filled with instructions. There is also a 65 page manual in the software that can be printed on your printer.

This program can be used for many tasks, from printing one test to printing up to 999 versions of the same test (questions and/or answers in scrambled order), to using the quiz feature to give timed tests to one student or many.

The quiz feature can be used to make both personal computer quizzes or it will output in HTML code so that you can place your quiz on the internet. You can even make a computer textbook with text, graphics, and questions.

On a personal computer quiz, scores and all student's answers can be printed at the end of the quiz or saved to disk. An entire class's saved scores and answers can be combined into 1 file and several reports can be printed.

Questions can be either multiple choice, fill in the blank, essay or cross match. (No essay questions on personal computer quizzes.)

This is only a partial list of of the features of this program, it can do much more.


Make word search puzzles, a list of words hidden in a grid of randomly generated letters. Puzzles are automatically generated, all you have to do is to type in the words and choose the options you want to make the puzzles. Grids from 5 x 5 to 39 x 39 letters, 5 difficulty levels, upper or lower case puzzles.

For teachers this program makes two kinds of easily graded puzzles, no looking to see if the student circled each word in the puzzle. Graded puzzles print out a teacher's correct answers sheet.

A special feature of this program is that the words hidden in the grid do not have to be the same as the clues printed underneath. Example: Print "8 proton element" under the grid and hide "OXYGEN" in the grid.

By using grid mapping you can make the puzzles in any shape, a circle, flower, star, clock, animals, etc. Comes with 57 standard shapes plus you can create and save up to 59 of your own.


You type in plaintext and the program converts it to cyphertext (A=r, B=w, C=g, etc.) Your students must solve the stored cryptograms on the computer screen. Teaches spelling, syntax, logic, etc. Plus in order to solve the puzzle your students must really READ the text, teach something unrelated. An added bonus is that its FUN! Lots of options, easier than you think. Ages 7 and up.


When making or solving crossword puzzles have you ever needed a six letter word that was "S", something, something, "R", something, "E"? Well if you tell this program how long the word is (2 to 20 letters) and fill in the letters you know, this program will show you all the english words that will fit.


This program allows you to keep track of a class's grades. Grades can be broken up into 1 to 4 grading periods. Each grading period may be weighted (0% to 100%) to determine the final grade.

If you give a midterm and final exam their scores may be entered into the Test page like any other test (with a weight from 1 to 9) or you may enter them on the Year's Total page and give them a percentage weight of the total grade.

You may keep grades in four types, tests, quizzes, classwork, and homework (or name the types whatever you want.) Each type may be weighted (0% to 100%) to determine the grading period's totals.

If you allow extra credit the maximum score for any assignment is 120.

Each grade type may hold up to 29 sets of grades for up to 35 students. Each set of grades may be weighted from 0 to 9. A 0 weight would mean that that particular set of grades would not be factored into the final grade.

This program will keep track of up to 138 files. Each file will hold one class's grades for one subject.

Student names may be copied from one file to another so that you do not have to type in the same names for multiple courses of the class.

Parent conference mode allows you to show all of one student's scores and grades on the screen. If you want to show a parent how a grade was calculated or where a student excelled or fell short, now you may without compromising information on your other students. Security control will not allow the display of any other student's information, or exit from parent conference mode, until you enter a password.

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