Updated 9-26-20
Credit / Debit / Check Processors

Ok, so you have created a nice little cash business but now it is time to go beyond that and to start taking Credit Cards, Debit cards, and Checks. It would be swell if my POS program did that but we are not quite there yet. So what you have to do is to sign up with a service that will process Credit Cards, Debit cards, and hopefully approve checks. You can then use my POS program to ring up the sale until you get a total, then use the equipment from the service you will be signing up with to process the credit transaction. If the service approves the transaction you can then complete the sale on my POS software or delete the sale on the POS software if the credit transaction is not approved.

The service you sign up with WILL NOT BE FREE. They are a business like yours, and like your business they are doing it to make a profit.

First you will have to purchase or rent their hardware. This hardware is used to enter information like the credit card number, the amount of the transaction, the PIN number, etc. The hardware then needs to transmit the information over either phone lines or the internet and print out a credit slip if the transaction is approved. So the basic hardware will consist of at least a card swipe, numeric keyboard, and printer.

Second you will be charged for each transaction processed. This may be either a charge per transaction or a percentage of the transaction processed. This charge or percentage will vary from one service to another. You will have to contact the services listed below (or find your own) and ask about what fees they charge.

LEGAL STUFF I have no financial or other connection to the companies listed below. These are unpaid links listed here to provide you with a place to start to find a service. I do not recommend that you sign up with any of the companies listed. This is not a comprehensive list, many, if not most companies that provide this service in your area are not listed below. These are just companies that I have found by doing an internet search or they have asked me to place an ad for them. I have not checked any of the information in their listing or on their website. I have no idea if the company actually exists or provides the service that they claim to do. Any offers presented below are valid only on the day they were posted here and may no longer be available. I have not read the service agreements you will be asked to agree with in order to sign up with any particular service. I will not act as an intermediary in any dispute between you and any company you sign up with. YOU must research each company by visiting their website, reading their service agreement, and understanding any contract BEFORE you sign it. YOU should compare the rates and terms of service between serveral providers before you sign up with any specific service.

Bank of America

Get fast and easy credit, debit and gift card processing.

Whether you’re a new business or currently accepting credit cards, Bank of America Merchant Services provides the ability for your small business to process electronic payments – anytime, anywhere.

Intuit / Quickbooks

Get paid 2x faster - for free.

Send invoices with a pay now button. Accept credit card and free bank transfer payments.

No set up fees. No Commitment.


A small Independent Agency with the support of several well known processors. Our company can support payment services for practically any business model in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. We also support merchants considered high risk.

From the independent business owner who needs mobile service, to large enterprise operations with several locations. We have a solution for your payment needs. We offer Cost Plus price, which allows the merchant to take advantage of the discounts Visa/MC and Discover offer. We do not and can not add miscellaneous fees, nor can we have surprise markups. We will also assist our client with the PCI compliance requirements.

Chase / J.P. Morgan

Express Funding featuring next business day payments in your Chase account. Get a free chip card terminal. Contract required.

Venmo for business

Venmo has become popular among peer-to-peer payment apps, mostly for its ease of use and the way it has smartly positioned itself on social media.

Wells Fargo

Easily accept credit and debit card payments, anywhere you do business. With Wells Fargo Merchant Services, you'll get the resources and solutions you need to simplify payment processing, stay up to date, and manage your business.

Improve cash flow with fast funding
Accept many forms of payments onsite, online, or on the go
Easy-to-use online tools and reporting with 24/7 support from a dedicated team.

Square: Credit Card Processing - Accept Credit Cards Anywhere

Square helps millions of sellers run their business- from secure credit card processing to point of sale solutions. Get paid faster with Square and sign up today!

Google Search

Click to search Google for "Merchant services credit card"

Your Bank

The bank you use may offer Merchant Services, ask them.


If you represent a Merchant Service and would like to be listed here send me an email. We'll talk.

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