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Crossword Helper Version 1.02
Ages 5 to Adult.
460K Bytes
Run command = WORDFIND

Program description.
Need help making or solving crossword puzzles? Need to find a six letter word that is "S", something, something, "U", "R", something? Well that's what this program will do. Tell it how many letters are in the word, fill in the letters you have, and this program will show you the possible words that can fit.


Now contains all the new words in Version 1.5 of the spell check files.

Sample screen.

OK, it's not an actual screen, it would be too big. It is a graphic I did using Paintbrush, but it is pretty close to an actual screen and will give you a good idea of what the actual screen looks like as far as color and style.

Note that on the screen you are told what options you have and exactly which key to press to accomplish those options. The entire program uses this as its main design philosophy

This is a sample screen of finding words that match a sample.

Crossword Helper screen.

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