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Cypher Solver Version 4.01
Ages 7 to Adult. (Really!)
121K Bytes.
File name = CYPHER.ZIP
Run command = CYPHER

View a sample screen of a cryptogram being solved.

Program description.

This program allows you to enter a text and then the program will then encypher it using mono-alphabetic substitution using a mixed alphabet, ie, A = r, B = g, C = u, etc. After creating several of these cryptograms and saving them to a file you may then ask your students to solve them on the computer screen. An added plus is that it's fun.

So, what's the point? Well in order to solve the cryptograms you have to know spelling, syntax, grammar, composition and logic. By solving these puzzles you will develop these skills. Since your students also have to really read the text over and over again to solve the puzzle you might just teach something unrelated.

This program will keep track of letter frequency, which letters are used and unused, will change all occurances of a letter at your direction, tell you if you solution is correct, optionally give you the solution if you give up, and time your efforts, plus much more. All you have to do is the brain work.


The 'ready' code that the program will accept from your printer can now be set to a new value from the help screen "Program printer code."

The masses have found a printer that this program will not work with. The solution? A new print setup. Read all about it especially if you are upgrading from a previous version.

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