Updated 3-24-18
Please read this if you wish to register to the forum.
I receive about 100 requests a day to join this forum. Practically all of them are from BOTS which are programs that try to join as many forums as they can in order to fill those forums with spam. So far I have been successful in not allowing the bots to join but it is getting to be harder to prevent this.

So I am adding another layer of security to joining the forum.

1. Click on the [Enter Forum] link below and on the next page in the upper right corner click on the [Register] link. Follow the instructions to register.

2. Now come back here and use this link E-MAIL to send me an email telling me why you want to join this forum. It can be pretty short but it must mention what the forum is about, contain a reason to join, and it must contain the username that you created to join the forum.

When I receive your email I will go to the list of "inactive users" and activate your membership. At the end of the day all other inactive users will be deleted.

Since I do not sit at my computer all day it may take a while for me to activate your membership. Please be patient.

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