Reviews of Gradebook

Dear Mr.Harris,

After six months of being frustrated by the grade book software which the school provides, I began searching for an alternative on the internet and in stores.

After finally finding one that looked nice and simple, I installed it, only to find the instructions very poor, and the usability much less than expected. I was appalled to see commercial software of such low quality.

Finally, after I had about given up hope, and switched back to the school's software, one of my students approached me and informed me of your site. I thought it would be useless, after having tried numerous other packages. After all, if the software I paid for was of such poor quality, how could something free be any better?

I figured that it would not hurt to at least try the software, so I asked for the site name, and he gave it to me. That night, I downloaded your grade book software. Within a few minutes, I had succesfully learned the basics of the software. To your credit, you have an excellent interface. It is not as "slick" as some of the other programs, but it is simple and easy to use. I found the program very intuitive.

I would like to use this program for future classes, and Mr Simpson has indicated that you are generally very helpful when it comes to solving the problems of your users. Having been through the loop, I understand how hard it can be to support software, but from what I saw in your forum, you do a great job.

Thank you Mr. Harris, and keep up the great work. It's been a long time since I have seen free software of this quality on the internet.

Sincerely, Mr. Imran Mehmood

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