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Version 7.1j of Cash Register can now be downloaded.
New features:

In version 7.1j

With the new feature of being able to enter customers into the database by using the "Customer info" feature you were not able to actually start a new database, only add to it. In this version you can now start the customer database.

In version 7.1h

When viewing a time sheet on the screen you can now press [+] to display the daily and weekly hours totals on the bottom line of the screen.

If you go to the "Vendor list" feature of the POSCONFG.EXE program you can make the vendor stock number the default method of entering items into a sale.

You can now choose a default line (like phone number) to use to find a customer in a sale.

Bug fix. There was a problem in loading a .CSV file into the stock table. If the "category" and "vendor" were not filled in they would be entered into the stock table as 32 instead of 0.

In version 7.1g

Critical bug fix. In all 7.1 versions prior to this one, changing the "Lock register" password will randomly flip the program between 60 or 200 maximum lines per sale.

In version 7.1e

Bug fix. In version 7.1e you could not access the category or vendor lists.

In version 7.1e

Using the "Customer info" feature of the POSCONFG.EXE program you can press [F4] to enter the database then using option #1 you can add customers to the database without having to ring them up in a sale.

On merchandise reports "E" through "J" you will have a new option. "Include 0 sold items" will put items that were not sold in the report so that you have a list of what was sold and what was not sold.

Bug fix. There was a problem in the time clock when switching between the week ending on Saturday or Sunday.

Bug fix. When paying for tickets with a gift card the money amount was not subtracted from the gift card.

Bug fix. When selling "general" tickets if you went back from the payment method to "Return to picking tickets" then want to complete the sale, all the tickes would not be printed.

In version 7.1d

When you were selling tickets with "General Seating" and you canceled or voided the uncompleted sale, the screen displayed a window saying, "No tickets have been sold." However the selected tickets were not returned to the pool.

In version 7.1a

When in the "Print setup" feature if you tried to print a sample receipt the printer port setting came from the GLOBAL register instead of the LOCAL register (if the registers are networked together.)

When selling tickets the program would die when you would pay for the tickets (if the registers are networked together.)

In version 7.1a

If you tried to increase the number of recorded past transactions the file would be cleared.

Sometimes on a network the POS.EXE program would display a "Path / Access" error and the program would die. This could possiblly also happen on a stand-alone register.

In version 7.1

You can now have up to 200 lines in a sale.

Descriptions are now "sticky" meaning that if you change a description for an item in a sale and then recall the sale in the "5. Void" feature the changed description will still be there.

You can put notes of up to 210 characters in a sale to print on the receipt.

Two kitchens. You can now put one terminal in the kitchen and another in the bar and each will get the parts of the sale it needs.

APRINT6 has an all new interface, you can choose the font / bold / italics. It also replaces the CDK.EXE program if you have a serial cash drawer.

Print up to 99 lines per page on a PAGE printer. This assumes that your printer can print 99 lines on a page.

Got your attention?
This is a FREE site! There is nothing for sale here. All the software listed here is FREE to download. There are no registration fees. There are no shopping carts. No e-commerce. No place to enter a credit card number. It's the internet the way it used to be. Enjoy.

Welcome. Here are the latest versions of my software. Each program has extensive online help plus CYPHER and HARRIS TEST will print out a user's guide. Cash register has user's guides in text format, Microsoft Word format and there is even an online user's guide. Each program is zipped and will require you to use an unzipping utility before it can be run. If you need unzipping software PKWARE is a good place to get it.

This software is for IBM and compatible computers. Minimum system requirements are 512K memory for Harris Test or Cash Register and 384K for the others, Cash Register will also require a hard drive (25M). That's it! Otherwise these programs will run on ANYTHING!

For the technical minded "anything" means DOS 2.1 or higher, 8088 4.77 mhz processor, monochrome non-graphic monitor, 360K floppy drive, daisy wheel printer. Of course if you have better equipment (and if you do not live under a rock, you do) then the programs will run quicker, better, and have more features. Basically if your computer can do something then this software will use that feature, however if your computer can't do something then this software will still run on your computer it will just not use that feature.

Do you have a Printer connected to a USB port?

But all this software WILL run on your IBM or compatible computer. I spend a huge amount of programming time on features that 99.99% of users will never see. If your computer has no color, no graphics, no screen pages, minimal memory, no hard drive, no speed, no math coprocessor, no Windows, no MMX, no mouse, and no cache, but you can still turn it on, then this stuff will run and with reasonable speed too. On the other hand, if you have any PC built after 1985 then this will be the fastest software that you will ever own. Touch a key and it is already finished.

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CFS software
Completely Free Software awards 5 doves to "Cash Register."
CFS software
Completely Free Software awards 4 doves to "Word Search."

Windows Windows
Will the software on this site do WINDOWS?

Downloading Downloading
To download a program use your mouse to click on the disk icon. If a window pops up on your screen telling you that you do not have the proper viewer click on the option to "save the file". Harris Test must be run from a directory \TESTER, you must create this directory and then move the file there before unzipping.

Snail Mail Snail Mail
Don't want to tie up your computer with a download or the download not working? These programs can be sent to you on a disk through the mail. While the programs are free unfortunatly the postage, disks, and mailers are not. There are two possible options... 1. I could spend thousands of dollars a year sending out copies of my programs to anyone who asks, or 2. Anyone who wants my software (and for some reason cannot just download it from here) could send a disk and self addressed stamped envelope to me. I will then copy the program to their disk and use their stamped envelope to mail it back.

If you guessed option #1 then lots of luck.

If you guessed option #2 then click for INSTRUCTIONS.

Bugs Bugs
This software has no known bugs. The reason for this is that as soon as one is found it is acknowledged and squished. I have a really weird policy. If you tell me about a bug, I will post it on this site, squish it, and then upload the new version for everyone to download.
If YOU find a bug in one of these programs go to the "Bug Fixes" section for that program and see if it is listed. If it is, it has been fixed. Just download the new version and the problem will go away. If it is not listed, send me an email and it will be fixed as soon as possible.
So how often is this neccessary? About once or twice a year total for all the programs on this page. And that's with adding features all the time. These programs are pretty stable. Plus since these are DOS programs you don't have to worry about Windows boo boos even when you run them from Windows. Never ask again, "Who is Gen. Protection Fault and why is he messing with my computer?" [g]

Brochure Brochure
I have received several requests for a brochure of the software that is offered on this site that can be passed out to others. This link will let you read and download a two page synopsis of the descriptions of my software.

Even though a minimum age is given for each program this is not children's software. Since you enter the words / texts / questions / etc. into the programs your data will determine to which age level each program will be appropriate. This software is currently being used by preschools, grade schools, high schools, universities, trade schools, corporations, public utilities, military bases, and government agencies. You can use this software to teach everything from ABC's to Anatomy, Ballistics or Computer programming.

Like everything else on this site support for all the software listed here is free. So if you have any problems, questions, or suggestions about the software on this site just click on the "Educational Software Bulletin Board" link below or the email link at the bottom of this page. Your note will not be answered to some "help desk wonk" but by the actual guy who wrote the software (that would be me) who will be able to actually answer your questions.

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I've been getting emails lately asking me to post some more reviews about this software. So now we have an easy way to do it, Click on the "Educational Software Bulletin Board" link below. Your reward, NOTHING, remember everything here is free. This is also a great place to ask a question or make a comment or complaint about the software on this site or any educational software.

BBS Educational Software
Bulletin Board

Click on program name for program descriptions, samples, demos, reviews, etc.
Click here to download Cash Register.
Click to download.

Click for information
Convert any PC into a cash register.
Version 7.1j
Ages 5 to Adult.
File size = 2.7 Meg Bytes.
File name = POS71J.EXE
Run command = POS
Click here to download Crossword Helper.
Click to download.

Click for information
Help making or solving crossword puzzles.
Version 1.02
Ages 5 to Adult.
File size = 460K Bytes
Run command = WORDFIND
Click here to download Cypher Solver.
Click to download.
Cypher Solver
Click for information
Make and solve cryptograms.
Version 4.01
Ages 7 to Adult. (Really!)
121K Bytes.
File name = CYPHER.ZIP
Run command = CYPHER
Click here to download Grade Book.
Click to download.
Grade Book
Click for information
Keep & calculate class grades.
Version 1.1
For Teachers
File size = 107K Bytes.
File name = GRADBOOK.ZIP
Run Command = GRADBOOK
Click here to download Harris Test.
Click to download.
Harris Test
Click for information
Make printed and computer tests.
Version 6.11
Ages 5 to Adult.
File size = 553K Bytes.
File name = TEST.ZIP
Run command = TEST
Place files into directory C:\TESTER
Go to page
to choose
files to download
Harris Test
Question Sets

Click for information
Prewritten questions for Harris Test
Thousands of questions on various
subjects that can be immediately
loaded into Harris Test. New
question sets all the time.
Click here to download Harris Test Reading Series.
Click to download.
Harris Test
Reading Series

Click for information
Read a story. Answer questions about it.
Version 5.11
Ages 7 to Adult.
File size = 127K Bytes.
File name = ANDERSEN.ZIP
Run command = ANDERSEN
(Note: use SETUP first)
Click here to download Spell Check word lists.
Click to download.
Spell Check
Click for information
Word files for spell check.
Version 1.5
File size = 354K Bytes.
File name = WORDS.ZIP
Click here to download Word Search.
Click to download.
Word Search
Click for information
Make word search puzzles.
Version 5.02
Ages 5 to Adult.
File size = 130K Bytes
File name = WORDHNT2.ZIP
Run command = WORDHNT2

1st Class Software Gradebook software. Requires Windows. Can be downloaded from webpage.
Bible Bowl Many sets of quizzes on the Bible that can be answered on the site.
Dr. Coleman Paul This is an e-mail link to Dr. Coleman Paul who has developed CAI software to teach Statistics. Free online games to teach balancing equations, drill the elements, or graphing points or lines on the xy coordinate plane.
In 2 EduHuge piles of free educational stuff. Way too much to describe here.
Project GeoSim - Geography Education Software Download geography software.
Trig challenge software TRIG CHALLENGE is designed to supplement your classroom and textbook instruction. The topics included in the program are: The Pythagorean Theorem, Degree and Radian Conversion, Using the Sine Function, Using the Cosine Function, Using the Tangent Function, The Inverse Functions, The Law of Sines, The Law of Cosines. The activities are constructed from random variables. Student work is graded instantly.

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