Here are instructions for getting
the software on this site sent
to you through the U.S. mail.

Dale has a new toy. Read the instructions at the end for
receiving ALL my software on a CD.

To have my software sent to you through the mail YOU must send to me enough 1.44M, 3 1/2 inch floppy disks to hold the software you want AND a diskette mailer or envelope with enough postage on it to get the disks back to you.

"Well", you ask, "why can't I just send you money and you provide everything?" Well most people are apparently paranoid about sending money to me. They think that if they do that I will take their $3.00 and run away to Rio with it or if they send me $4.00 and it only costs me $3.79 that I will not send them the $.21 in change. So that's why.

The following programs require the following number of 1.44M disks...
Cash Register = 1 disk (zipped, includes and "Install" program) 2 disks (unzipped).
Crossword Helper = 1 disk.
Cypher Solver = 1/3 disk.
Grade Book = 1/3 disk.
Harris Test = 1 disk.
Question lists for Harris Test = 1/10 disk each.
Reading series = 1/3 disk.
Word files for spell check = 1 disk.
Word Search = 1/3 disk.

Files that require less than an entire disk may be combined on the same disk. Of course the individual files on a disk cannot add up to more than 1 disk.
Files mailed on a disk are not zipped and will not require an unzipping utitliy program when you receive them.
Disks will come with INSTALL software and will self-install on your hard drive if you wish.

To receive software you must send to me...
A list telling me what you want.
Enough disks to hold it.
A diskette mailer or envelope to put the disks in.
Enough postage on the mailer to get it back to you.
Your address on the mailer.

My Address.
Dale Harris
5654 N. Olcott
Chicago, IL 60631

Dale's new toy.
I just installed a CD-RW drive on my computer. If you would like to receive ALL my software on one CD disk (AND YOUR COMPUTER CAN READ CD-R AND CD-RW DISKS, AT A MINIMUM THIS WILL REQUIRE WINDOWS '95 OR LATER ) you may send a blank CD-R or CD-RW disk and stamped mailer to me.
Since most people do not have a spare CD-R or CD-RW disk lying around and do not want to buy a pack of five to just get one, you may send $7.00 and your address to me and I will provide the CD disk, mailer, and stamps.
While the disk will contain all my software, the included "INSTALL" program will allow you to chose which programs to install on your hard drive. Another option is that since the files on the CD will not be compressed you may also run the programs from the CD and not install them on your hard drive.

I promise that I will not run off to Rio to retire off your $7. No I will not send back change if it only costs me $6.87 to send you the disk. Sheesh!

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