Updated 1-24-17
Nielsen SoundScan
Nielsen VideoScan
Nielsen BookScan
Nielsen GameScan

Cash register has been tested to function with the Niesen SoundScan service. And since they function the same way I assume that Cash Register will also function for Nielsen VideoScan, Nielsen BookScan, and coming soon Nielsen GameScan. However to make sure that it will work in your location you will have to try it yourself to make sure.

If you sell music CDs, cassette tapes, VHS tapes or DVDs you may want to participate in the Neilsen SoundScan rating service.

This service tablulates the number of CDs that are sold. For example when you hear that a particular CD has sold 2 millions copies that information comes from Neilsen SoundScan.

For a lot more information, including on how to sign up, click on this link. Nielsen SoundScan

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