64 bit version of this Cash Register program.

Updated 4-29-17

I am currently working porting this program to the QB64 language. This will allow you to use this program on a 64 bit version of Windows without having to use DOSBox. You will also be able to print to the Windows default printer without the need to use APRINT6.

There will be some additional features such as being able to select to display the program in full screen or a window. Otherwise the 64bit version will look and function exactly like the current 32 bit version.

The 64 bit version will also work on 32 bit versions of Windows but only on Windows versions XP or later.

The 64 bit version will be file compatable with the current 32 version of the program. This means that all of the data from the 32 bit version can be read using the 64 bit version. You will not lose any data and you will not have to re-enter anything.

Another advantage of QB64 is that it does not have any practical memory limits. This means that unlike the current version there will be plenty of memory to add new features to the program. Also current limits in the program such as the 26,000 item limit in the stock table will go away. (The current plan is to increase it to 99,000 items.)

So, how is it going?

It is going really slowly. (However some program files have already been converted and can be used now, see below.) While QB64 touts itself as being code compatable with QuickBASIC 4.5, it is not completely. I would say about 90% is compatable, and it is the remaining 10% that is driving me crazy. There is not too much of a problem if the original program files are small enough to use only a single module, and the program file does not print, and the program file does not use the "Currency" data type. But most of the files are fat pigs, print, and use "Currency."

Another problem is that the compiled programs require a lot of Windows overhead making the size of each program file HUGE! To cut down on the overall size of the entire program I am attempting to combine the functions of several current program files into one QB64 program file.

If you would like to follow my progress toward 64 bits you can check in with the Dale Harris Cash Register Facebook page. Although be warned, there is a lot of extraneous nonsense also posted there.

Currently available 64 bit DHPOS files.

The files listed below have been converted to QB64 and will run under 64 bit versions of Windows or 32 bit Windows versions XP or later. They will not require that you use DOSBox or APRINT6 to print.

So why just these program? First of all they are small programs and were easy to convert. The second reason is that they are usually not run on the actual POS computer. They perform separate functions on seperate computers on your network.

This program drives a second monitor to be used as a customer display. Details are here Big Pole.

This program is run from a computer in your kitchen. It will either display each meal order on a screen or print it out on a printer. Details are here Kitchen.

This program is used on a computer placed on your sales floor by customers to look up items in your stock table. Details are here Price check.

This program is used to receive shipments into your store and enter the merchandise received into your stock table. However if you start the program by clicking on INVENT6.BAT then the program will be opened as the program that you use to update the current inventory in the stock table or create the original inventory.

Please note: When using the regular version of the POSCONFG.EXE program you could enter either the "inventory" or "receive" functions by clicking on the respective links there. This will not work to start these 64 bit versions. You will have to go to the folder that holds my POS software and click on the icon for these program files.

Here is the link to the manual for these functions manual.

This program is run on a computer in an office. It allows a manager to observe sales being rung up on up to 6 different register in real time. Details are here Remore viewing.

All of these files have been combined into a single compressed file for you to download. Once you download it, it will require an unzipping utility like PKZip to split the download file into the separate program files.

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