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What could go better with "Harris Test" than sets of pre-written questions. Here are several donated by their authors. Click on the file names to download, place in your C:\TESTER directory, and unzip. When you run Harris Test they will then show up on the screen and you may select them. Question sets with this symbol will require the file SUPERSUB.COM which can be downloaded at the end of the list.

NOTE! All question lists are offered on an "as is" basis. There is no warranty that the questions and/or their answers are correct. These question lists have not been checked for accuracy and no liability is assumed by their authors or myself. It is quite possible that since these questions were written that something may have been changed, discovered, or a new record set that may make the correct answer to a question obsolete. Basically they are offered to save you some typing on a subject that you are knowledgable in and you should verify them before use.

NEW Bible1.zip 4 sets of bible questions. 57 on the Book of Colossians, 89 on Ephesians, 47 on Philippians, 13 on Philemon. This file will unzip into 4 files; COL.TST, EPH.TST, PHP.TST and PHILEMON.TST. 20K bytes. From Grant Miller

Here are a whole bunch of question lists from Ron Poirier for chemistry.

Atoms2.zip 133 questions about atoms. 8K bytes.
Bonding.zip 26 questions. 1K bytes.
Compound.zip 31 questions. 2K bytes.
Electron.zip 32 questions. 2K bytes.
Empform.zip 32 questions. 2K bytes.
Energy.zip 80 questions. 6K bytes.
Equatn3.zip 45 questions. 2K bytes.
Estat.zip 25 questions on electro-statics. 2K bytes.
Final.zip The final exam for this course, 179 questions. 11k bytes.
Formulas.zip 100 questions. 6K bytes.
Gases.zip 55 questions. 4K bytes.
Gaslaws.zip 74 questions. 5K bytes.
Intro.zip51 Questions. 5K bytes.
Matter2.zip 92 Questions. 6K bytes.
Measure2.zip80 questions. 6K bytes.
Phases.zip 40 questions. 4K bytes.
Problems.zip64 questions. 4K bytes.
Stoich97.zip42 questions. 3K bytes.
End of Ron Poirier's chemistry questions.
Chicago.zip75 trivia questions about Chicago. 6K bytes.
NEW!Economy.zip192 basic economics questions. By Cindy Holmes. 14K bytes.
Earlyamr.zip652 U.S. History questions from 1492 to approx. 1900 by Terry Grissom. 55K bytes.
Modrnus.zip474 U.S. History questions from approx. 1900 to 1970 Terry Grissom. 39K bytes.
Ehistory.zip108 European history questions from the Renaissance to modern by Terry Grissom. 8K bytes.
Geograph.zip470 world geography questions by Terry Grissom. 26K bytes.
Europe#.zipThis is a map graphic that will come in handy with Geograph.zip above. 6k bytes.
Litho.zip530 lithography questions by Chris Hattoon. 33K bytes.
Metricsy.zip60 questions on the metric system by Yaacov Halperin. 3K bytes
Sample.zip26 sample questions show you how to use Harris Test. 6K bytes.
Science.zip200 general science (chemistry/physics) questions by David Zimmerman. 10K bytes.
Statecap.zip200 questions matching states and capitals by Dale Harris. 6K bytes.
Statques.zip232 questions on statistics by Coleman Paul. 14K bytes.
Trivia.zip206 really tough trivia questions by Dale Harris. 19K bytes.
USHstory.zip108 U.S. History questions from 1775 to 1915 by Terry Grissom. 9K bytes.
Supersub.zipThis is not a question list. This is a file that allows you to display super- and subscripted numbers on a VGA monitor. Several of the above question lists require that you run this file prior to loading Harris Test. Once run, it will reprogram your VGA monitor to display characters 140 to 151 as superscripted numbers and characters 130 to 139 as subscripted numbers. To enter these characters you must hold down the [ALT] key while typing in the character number, then release [ALT]. Super- and subscripted numbers will only appear on a VGA monitor they will NOT be printed on a printer. To use this file download it, unzip it (it will come out as supersub.com), and then from DOS enter the command SUPERSUB and press [ENTER]. SUPERSUB will work from DOS or Windows 3.1. To work with Win'95 or Win '98 you must click on START / PROGRAMS / DOS PROMPT. Then run SUPERSUB then run Harris Test from the DOS prompt. To cancel the effects of supersub.com you must reboot your computer (turn it off.) or type EXIT to return to Win'95 or Win'98.

Needless to say I am looking for more. Here's your chance at immortality. If you have written a question set for Harris Test and want to upload them here, send me an e-mail.
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