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I am still using Harris Test and touting it to whoever will listen. I recently created an electronic "workbook" using your suggestions. Basically, a text document summarizing a topic is presented, followed by quiz items. Homework is handed in on floppy disk that I then read into my computer, already graded, and it compiles into one file for the whole class that I can review or print out.

Coleman Paul


I've been looking a long time for a flexable test/quiz creation program. I've looked at a lot of different ones. Most of them were way TOO expensive for my needs. (I was mainly looking for personal use, not in a formal educational setting...something to help me in my scriptural studies) In addition, most of the programs had elaborate user interfaces that was just too much. Anyway I ran across your program as I was about to give up my search again... Much to my suprise, your program was almost exactly what I've been looking for. Something simple to use and understand, and something that doesn't take up alot of disk space and resources.

Bill Thornton

Mr. Harris,

I am in the Navy and attached to a command that deals with the training of maintenance personnel to troubleshoot and repair helicopters. Recently we found ourselves in need of a test generation program to create a bank of test questions on some new equipment. After testing many programs we feel yours is the best for the job.

Bill Patterson


I have just begun using your program in earnest. I just want to say that I love your program. It is honestly just what I always wanted: an easy way to scramble tests and print answer sheets to match them.

Yaacov Halperin


For the past few weeks as I have learned to use your test making program I have appreciated how easy it is to make multiple versions of the same test to help minimize that classroom cheating temptation. But tonight I realized how FAST it is using this program. I couldn't have written 1 single matching vocabulary quiz on Microsoft Word (which I love) as quickly as your software formatted it for me.

Cindy Adams


So far the program looks wonderful. Not only can you make up a list of questions to give out as study questions but you can have the computer: 1) give practice tests by randomly selecting questions and "grading" students who practice with it; 2) give multiple choice OR fill in the blank OR matching OR essay tests; 3) have the computer print out one or multiple copies of a test and a copy of the answer key even if the quesions and answers are scrambled; 4) and the manuel is written in ENGLISH that non-computer people can read. Your program is so simple to use.

Pat Henshaw

Mr. Harris,

We are developing a test bank that can be used by vocational teachers for pre and post tests, which is being mandated all over the country. We have the beginnings of a pretty good test bank but have struggled to find a program that would let us pull the questions back off the way we wanted to. After looking at programs from $30 to $2000, your program has turned out to be the most perfect for our needs. I've been working with it daily for the past month and am very pleased with it.

Debbye Chambers, Resource Center for Technology

Dale, Let me tell you something this is a fantastic program. I have tried many things over the years but I have never found a program to compare with this.

I have taught for the last 13 years and this is the one program that I could not do without. I do all my study guides and tests on the program. I let my slower students use the computer to take quiz review on the screen.

To give you one practical example, I had one girl that made a 56% on her first test. I put her on the computer for a review one day before the next test. She made a 62% her first attempt but raised it to a 90% after three times. I had 80 questions in the program, 50 of those were reworded slightly and used in the test. She made an 88% and was thrilled!

If you are a teacher and are looking for a perfect Quiz / Test program, this is it.

Terry Grissom


Your program is wonderful for what is does - flexible, easy to use, and incredibly easy to enter questions & set up tests, it does amazingly well. As you know, I've been looking at a bunch of software packages to evaluate them on behalf of my customers for their big testing project. I've looked at close to 20 packages, and for pure features and ease of use yours in among the best, up against programs that cost $300 to $500 per copy!

Carol Mortimer


I downloaded your program from a local BBS and I find your program to be very useful. I am contacting you to find out if there is a later version, I want to stay on the cutting edge of this great program.

Robert Runyan

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