Updated 8-22-23

Recently a user has sent to me another program that can be used as a pole display on a second screen attached to your DHPOS computer or another computer on a network with your DHPOS computer. Below is a sample of how it would look.

Monitor used as pole display

Below is a link to the manual and a download link for the program. Please, please, please read or at least skim the manual before downloading.

But first a comment from me.

The manual goes on and on about setting a PATH from the folder that you use to hold this Real Pole program to the folder that you are using to hold my Cash Register program. However if you put all the Real Pole program files in same folder as my Cash Register program you will not have to set a PATH and can just skip all the PATH stuff entirely. You will also not have to worry about all tthe "network" stuff.

So if you, like most users, are using this on a single computer with two attached monitors just put my DHPOS program files and these Realpole files in the same folder on your computer and you'll be fine.

NEW! The creator of RealPole wandered into this post on the forum about using an old, cheap, android smartphone as a pole display. There are instructions for using it with the Bigpole program so he decided to see if it would also work with his RealPole program and it does. And it looks like this...

Smartphone used as pole display

RealPole Manual

Click here to download Cash Register.
Click to download.
This file = complete program.
Display sales information on second screen.
Version 2.0
Ages 5 to Adult.
File size = 4.49 Meg Bytes.
File name = realpole32.exe
Run command = realpole32

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