Updated 2-7-17
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Spell Check
This is NOT a program.
Word files for spell check.
Version 1.5
354K Bytes.
File name = WORDS.ZIP

Here are two lists of English words in alphabetical order, a list of 2 to 10 letter words, WORDS10.DAT, and a list of 11 to 20 letter words, WORDS20.DAT. While you may use them for your own nefarious purposes their main intent is to allow the other programs here (so far Word Search and Harris Test) to do spell check.

The current word list is Version 1.5 and contains 119,478 words. Here are the new words in the spell check files.

If you already have a version of my word lists and are thinking of downloading the latest version you may ask yourself, "Well, why should I when even with 2000 extra words there is less than 2 percent more?" This is correct, however these new words are ones that are actually being used like "snowboarder", "infotainment", "Kosovo", etc that I have found by downloading stuff. They are not like some words that were already in the list like "gabbroid", "kailyard", or "ramose", words that you would never use. In other words, while the total word increase from downloading the current word list may only be 1 or 2 percent the increase of useful words will be much higher.

There are three reasons that the word list files are not included with the program files. First, including them would make each program file 350,000 bytes longer and if you want two or more of my programs you would be downloading those same 350K bytes multiple times.

Second, I am continuing to add words to the word lists. In my spare time I download interesting things and then use spell check on them. When new words pop up I add them to the list. Therefore, the word lists are separate so that you can upgrade by just downloading a new list from here without have to also download an entire program file.

Third, you may only have a need for the word lists and do not want any of my programs.

INSTRUCTIONS Download the file and unzip it. To work with my programs the unzipped files must be in the same directory as the program file. If two or more of my programs are in the same directory then you will need only ONE copy of both word files in that directory for multiple programs to do spell check. If two or more of my programs are in different directories then each directory with one of my programs in it will require a copy of both word files.

NOTE: Each program will work without these word files, you just will not be able to use spell check.

New Words
This IS a program.
Program to edit word lists
Version 1.02
856K Bytes.
File name = NEWORDS.EXE
Click here to download Spell Check word lists.
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Self extracting
Click here to download Spell Check word lists.
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Requires extracting ap
Program to edit word lists
Version 1.02
853K Bytes.
File name = NEWORDS.ZIP
DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: Both files above will extract to the same program file, NEWWORDS.EXE so you only need to download one of them. The .EXE file will extract just by clicking on it once you download it but only if you are using a 32 bit version of Windows. If you are using a 64 bit version of Windows download the .ZIP file and when you click on it Windows should extract it. In either case you must move the extracted file NEWWORDS.EXE into the same folder as my word lists.

NEWWORDS.EXE will run on both 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows, XP or later. This program will edit the word lists by adding or deleting words. It will also display the words or create a word list document you can print out. It will also save the word lists as a .CSV file you can load into a database or spreadsheet program.

Here are the instructions from the program...

Note: WORDS10.DAT and WORDS20.DAT are the files of the current (existing) words. NEWORDS10.DAT and NEWORDS20.DAT are lists of new words. Eventually you must use option 5 to add the new words to the current words.

This program allows you to edit the WORDS10.DAT and WORDS20.DAT files by adding new words or deleting words already in the file. WORDS10.DAT is a file of words 2 to 10 characters in length, WORDS20.DAT are 11 to 20 character words.

To add words, save a text file NEWWORDS.TXT from a word processing program. This can be either words that you have typed in or COPY & PASTE from another source. The NEWWORDS.TXT file must be in plain text and must be saved to the same folder this program is in. You MUST close the document in the word processing program before you try to read it using the NEWWORDS.EXE program.

From the main menu...

'1. Read new words...' will read the NEWWORDS.TXT file and search it for any words not in the WORDS?0.DAT files. If a word is found you will be asked if you wish to save it to the NEWORDS.DAT files. Press 'Y' to save or 'N' to skip. You may save duplicates of the same words and the duplicates will be deleted when you exit this option.

'2. Show word lists' will allow you to choose a word list to display on the screen.

'3. Display or save word lists...' Will make a multi-column document of either the current or new words that you can either display on the screen or save as a WORDLIST.TXT file that can be loaded into a word processing program. In the WP program you may have to adjust the margins to make the pagination come out correctly. The document will include both the 2 - 10 and 11 - 20 character word lists of either the current or new words. If you save a WORDLIST.CSV file it can be loaded into a spread sheet or data base program and will be a single column.

'4. Choose words to delete...' If there are words in any word list that you wish to remove, this will allow you to delete it. To locate the word you may either scroll through the list you selected or type in a word at the bottom of the screen. If you type in a partial word you will be taken to the nearest point in the list. For example, type just K and you will jump to the beginning of the 'K' words. Press [ENTER] to jump. To delete the current highlighted word press [F1]. NOTE: When you press [F1] the word will vanish from the screen but it will not actually be deleted. When you exit this feature you will be offered an option to 'Save the file.' If you save the file the deleted words will actually be deleted. If you do not save the file the selected words will not be deleted.

'5. Add new words to current word files.' Will add the words in the new word files to the current word files. The new word files will then be deleted.

BONUS! Want to add spell check capability to your BASIC language software? Click to download 20,000 bytes of code and a text file.

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