Harris Quiz Reports

When using personal computer quizzes the program will send various reports to your printer or save information to the disk to load into other software. Here are some examples.
Score Sheet

After taking a quiz you may ask the program to print out a score sheet. This will give you a paper record of the quiz. If the quiz is being graded the sheet must be handed in to the teacher. If a quiz is given to a student on floppy disk as homework this report may be handed in the next day.

In addition to the score the "score sheet" also records every student answer and the order in which the questions were asked. This is useful if the student disagrees that an answer is incorrect and the questions were asked on the quiz in random order. He can then ask the teacher if the answer to question #2 was really "D", the teacher can see (under column (b)) that question #2 was really question #10, look it up, and see.

If the answers were asked in random order on this report they are unscrambled. In the example below on question #1 the question was displayed on the screen with the correct answer as choice "A" which the student answered correctly. However since the question as written had the correct answer as choice "C" the report lists "C" as his answer which is correct when compared to the original version of the question. Incorrect answers are also unscrambled.

   TYLER, JOHN      General Knowledge      Chapter 8           05-07-2000
------------------ ------------------- ------------------ -------------------
  Student Name           Course           Test Name               Date
You have correctly answered 14 of 16 questions.            Your grade is  88%

Student signature____________________________________________________________

    To receive credit for this test you must sign and hand in this slip.
          The questions marked with (-) were answered incorrectly.

(A)  (B) (C)           (A)  (B) (C)               (A)  (B) (C)
  1    3 +C
  2   10 +B
  3    7 -D
  4   11 +A
  5   15 -E
  6   12 +5280
  7    4 +D
  8    8 +A
  9    1 +C
 10   14 +E
 11   16 +MINISODA
 12    5 +A
 13   13 +E
 14    6 +41
 15    9 +HYDROGEN
 16    2 -E

  (A) Question number.   (B) Original question number   (C)  Your answrer

Class Grades

If the quiz is set up to save scores to disk then it can print out a report with all the classes grades. If the quiz is given on multiple stand alone computers, and the scores are saved on floppy disk, this program can combine the individual disk files into one file.

If a quiz is given to a student on floppy disk as homework the disk may be handed in the next day. and all the disks combined into one file

Of course if the computers are networked the scores from each quiz are automatically recorded into one file.
This report can be sorted by name, grade, date/time, or access number. (Access numbers are used to allow each student to take a quiz only once. Each student receives a different number.)

                       Scores for the quiz CHAPTER 15

                                TOTAL ANSWD

         ADAMS, JOHNNY      94    16    15  05-06 12:34
         BUSH, GEORGE       75    16    12  05-06 12:32
         CLINTON, BILLY    100    16    16  05-06 12:30
         EISENHOWER, IKE   100    16    16  05-06 12:35
         FORD, JERRY        81    16    16  05-06 12:36
         HOOVER, HERBIE     56    16     9  05-06 12:34
         LINCOLN, ABE       81    16    13  05-06 12:34
         JACKSON, ANDY      81    16    13  05-06 12:30
         JEFFERSON, TOMMY   94    16    15  05-06 12:35
         KENNEDY, JOHNNY    94    16    15  05-06 12:36
         NIXON, RICH        96    16    11  05-06 12:35
         WASHINGTON, GEORGE 88    16    14  05-06 12:30
         WILSON, WOODY      88    16    14  05-06 12:32

Answer Analysis

This report analyzes how the students answered the questions. For multiple choice questions this report tells you how many students picked each answer. For example, below on question #1, 10 students answered the question correctly as "C" (the number is preceeded by a "+" sign). However two students answered incorrectly by picking "A" (the number is preceeded by a "-" sign) and 1 student by picking "D". This is really useful if the the quiz is being used to ask survey questions.

For "fill in the blank" this report tells you how many students answered correctly or incorrectly.

              Analysis of answers for the quiz CHAPTER 15

  #    A    B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O
   1  -2      +10  -1
   2      +10  -1  -2
   3  -3          +10         
   4 +11           -1  -1
   5      +11  -3
   6                                              FITB   +11   -3
   7       -2 +11
   8 +13
   9                                              FITB   +10   -3
  10      +12  -1
  11 +11           -2
  12                                              FITB   +13
  13  -3   -1          +9
  14  +2           -1 +10
  15      +12          -1
  16                                              FITB   +12   -1

Spread Sheets

Are the above reports not enough? If the quiz scores are saved to disk they can be converted into a text file that can be uploaded into most spread sheet software. Now you can make up your own reports. The file below was loaded into Microsoft Works.

Answers preceeded by "+" are correct, preceeded by "-" are incorrect. One interesting point, notice that on the "fill in the blank" questions #6, 9, 12, and 16, that even if the answers were spelled approximately correctly that they were graded as correct. However if you do not want to allow approximate spelling this feature is optional per question (some questions may use it, some may not, your choice). All parts of a quiz may use this feature.

NameScore Total
DateTime Q1Q2Q3Q4 Q5Q6Q7Q8 Q9Q10Q11Q12 Q13Q14Q15Q16
CLINTON, BILLY100 161605-0612:30 +C+B+C+D +A+41+C+A +HYDROGEN+B+A+5280 +E+E+B+MINNESODA
BUSH, GEORGE75 161205-0612:32 -D+B-A+D +A+41-B+A +HYDROGEN+B+A+5280 -A+E+B+MINNESOTA
WILSON, WOODY88 161405-0612:32 +C-C+C+D +A+1941+C+A +HIDROGEN+B+A+5,280 +E-D+B+MINNISOTA
LINCOLN, ABE81 161305-0612:34 +C+B+C-A +A+41+C+A -HELIUM+B-D+5280 +E+E+B+MINNESOTA
ADAMS, JOHNNY94161505-0612:34 +C+B+C+D +A+41+C+A +HYDROGEN-C+A+5280 +E+E+B+MINNESOTA
HOOVER, HERBIE56 16905-0612:34 +C+B-A+D -D-1932-B+A -OXYGEN+B+A+5280 -A-A+B+MINNESOTA
EISENHOWER, IKE100 161605-0612:35 +C+B+C+D +A+41+C+A +HYDROGEN+B+A+5280 +E+E+B+MINNESOTA
JEFFERSON, TOMMY94 161505-0612:35 +C+B+C+D +A+41+C+A +HYDROGEN+B-D+5280 +E+E+B+MINNESOTA
NIXON, RICH96 161105-0612:35 -A+B+C+D -E-1963+C+A +HYDROGN+B+A+5280 +E-A+B-IOWA
FORD, JERRY81 161305-0612:36 +C-D+C-A +A+1941+C+A -FIRE+B+A+5280 +E+E+B+MINESODA
KENNEDY, JOHNNY94 161505-0612:36 +C+B+C+D +A+41+C+A +HYDROGEN+B+A+5,280 -A+E+B+MINNESODA
JACKSON, ANDY81 161305-0612:30 -A+B-A+D +A+1941+C+A +HIDRAGEN+B+A+5,280 +E+E-E+MINESODA
WASHINGTON, GEORGE88 161405-0612:30 +C-D+C+D +A+41+C+A +HYDROGEN+B+A+5280 -B+E+B+MINNESODA

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