By Dale Harris Copyright 1996
Table of Contents
1. Overview of the program 12. Displaying graphics in a quiz
2. Program loading / Starting a question set 13. Documents in tests and quizzes
3. Summary of main menu functions 14. Making a computer textbook
4. Read questions from a text file 15. Take a quiz / Harris Quiz
5. Enter new questions / Edit existing questions 16. Quiz management
6. Spell check / Dictionary 17. Making a spread sheet loadable file
7. Selecting questions 18. Splitting / Merging a file
8. Organizing / Searching questions 19. Copy / Delete files
9. Print questions 20. Printers & Printing
10. Print a test 21. Trouble shooting
11. Make a personal computer or internet quiz 22. Sample loadable word processing questions
Following is the usual legal stuff, sort of.
This software is not warranted to do anything. If you use this program it
may or it may not actually do what this manual says it will do. Use of
this software will probably not launch your computer into low Earth orbit
but then again you never know. User assumes liability that any use of
this software will produce anything that even vaguely resembles reality or
makes any sense whatsoever. Use of this software may cause severe illness,
serious injury, or death. There, that about covers it.
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