DOS software & USB printers.

There have been several reports of problems with using my software, and any other DOS software, with printers that are connected to computers using the USB port.

The Cash Register program and the Grade Book program can now print using the Windows printer drivers and so can easily use serial and USB printers and Epson Color Stylus printers as long as your Windows software can also print to them. Use this link aprint for instructions.
Here is something you can try.
When you click on "My Computer" (on your Windows screen) you will see a "Printers" folder, click on it to open it.

You will now see an icon for your printer. Right click on your printer's icon.

Click on "Properties". Click on the "Details" tab. Click on "spool settings".

Select "Spool print jobs...." and "Print after first page is spooled".

Close all the printer stuff and try a DOS program to see if it prints.

If you still have problems go back to the "Details" part and click on "Port settings".

Select "Spool MS-DOS print jobs" and "Check port before printing".

Now close everything and try it out.

Epson Printers
Here is a link for some bad news from Microsoft about Epson color stylus printers and printing from MS-DOS software. It may also apply to other USB printers.
Microsoft Support

It does say that my programs may need a driver for your printer but unfortunatly I would need one of your type of printers, and a whole lot of expertise that I don't have, to write that driver.

However another possibility is if your printer has an additional parallel printer port you can connect your printer to your computer using a regular printer cable. This will bypass any USB problems.

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