Click here to download Word Search.
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Word Search
For DOS & 32 bit Windows
Version 5.02
Ages 5 to Adult.
130K Bytes
File name = WORDHNT2.ZIP
Run command = WORDHNT2
Click here to download Word Search.
Click to download.
Word Search
For 64 bit Windows
Version 6
Ages 5 to Adult.
1.2M Bytes
File name = SEARCH64.ZIP
Run command = WORDHUNT

Download instructions

Create a new folder on your computer named SEARCH or anything you want. Download either of the files above to the new folder. Unzip the file. On later version of Windows you can unzip by right clicking on the file name and then choose "Extract.." A new file will appear in the folder (or a sub-folder) click on that to start the program.

Version differences
Both versions look the same and run the same. Both versions are file compatible meaning that Word Search files created using one version will work with the other.

DOS & 32 bit version will print only to printer connected to a parallel printer port and will require DOSBox to run on 64 bit computers, and will not run full screen on Windows versions after '98.

64 bit version will print to the Windows default printer no matter which port the printer uses, will not require DOSBox, and can run in a window or full screen. This version will also run on 32 bit versions of Windows XP or later.

Sample printed word search puzzle.
Sample HTML1 word search puzzle.
Sample HTML2 word search puzzle.
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"Word Search."

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Program description.

A word search puzzle is a grid of letters that have words hidden in it with the words also printed below the grid. This program makes printed word search puzzles from word lists that you type in. The program can store thousands of your word lists in disk files so that they can be reused to make future puzzles. (Up to 60 words per puzzle, 60 word lists per file, 138 files per disk.) Puzzles can be printed in upper or lower case no matter which case they were typed in.

This program has five difficulty levels.

Across and forwards only. For the first graders out there.

Across, down, and forwards only.

Across, down, forwards and backwards.

Across, down, diagonal, but forwards only.

Across, down, diagonal, forwards and backwards.

The words printed under the puzzle do not have to be the same as the words hidden in the puzzle. This program was originally written for a Latin teacher. He would print English words under the puzzle and then hide the words in Latin, but this can be used for any subject. You may hide any word in the puzzle and then define it under the puzzle. Since the clues can be up to 56 characters in length this can become very flexible, for example a clue could be "Eight proton element" and then hide "Oxygen"

This program will even make two different types of easily graded puzzles, and print out a correct answer sheet for you. Puzzles can be sent to the screen for a preview, to the printer to print 1 to 999 copies, to a disk file that can be loaded into any word processing program, or make an HTML file that can be uploaded to your website.

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