A sample file of questions from a word processor that can be read by
Question Reader.

                                  APPENDIX A                                 
              A sample file of questions from a word processor               
                     that can be read by Question Reader.                    
    Text in parentheses and (IN UPPER CASE) are comments and not part of     
                          the word processing document.                      
    Name the fourth planet from the sun.            (SINCE THE FIRST [Q])    
                                A) Mars             (DID NOT COME BEFORE)    
                                B) Earth            (THIS QUESTION IT)       
                                C) Venus            (WILL NOT BE READ)       
                                D) Jupiter                                   
                                E) Mercury                                   
    [Q]Name the capital of California.                                       
                              A} Sacramento                                  
                              B} San Francisco                               
                              C} Los Angeles                                 
                              D} San Diego                                   
                              E} Long Beach                                  
    [A]A[S]E                                    (THE CORRECT ANSWER IS A)    
                                                (SCRAMBLE ANSWERS A - (E)    
    [Q]                           ([Q] CAN BE ANYWHERE BETWEEN QUESTIONS)    
    In the film 'Silent Running', what where the names given to the three    
                        A} Larry, Moe and Curly                              
                        B} Larry, Moe & Shemp                                
                        C} Huey, Dewey & Louie                               
                        D} Tinker, Evers & Chance                            
                        E} Grissom, Chaffey & White                          
                                                 (NO [Q], BETWEEN THESE)     
                                                 (TWO QUESTIONS, THEY)       
                                                 (WILL NOT READ PROPERLY)    
    Name the first element in the Periodic Table.                            
      A} Oxygen B} Carbon C} Nitrogen D} Hydrogen E} Helium                  
    [Q] 6. Which of the following is the smallest?        (DON'T NUMBER)     
                              A} Meter                    (THE QUESTIONS)    
                              B} Kilometer                                   
                              C} Centimeter                                  
                              D} Millimeter                                  
                              E} Decimeter            (OH NO, THERE IS       
    [A]D[S] E                                         (A SPACE AFTER [S])    

                              APPENDIX  A                                    
  [Q]In Washington D.C., who's monument is in the shape of an obelisk?       
  A) Washington's                                                            
  B) Lincoln's                     (ANSWERS DO NOT HAVE TO BE CENTERED)      
  C) Jefferson's                   (HARRIS TEST WILL DO IT FOR YOU)          
  D) Johnson's                                                               
  E) None of the above                                                       
  [A]A[S]D                                      (SCRAMBLE ONLY A - (D)       
  [Q]Which state is the smallest?                                            
                             A) Vermont                                      
                             B) Rhode Island                                 
                             C) New Jersey                                   
                             D) Conneticut                                   
                             E) Delaware                                     
  [Q]Match the following coins with their value...                           
               A} One cent    \Penny           (CROSS MATCH QUESTION.)       
               B} Five cents  \Nickel   (DESCRIPTION AND MATCHING ANSWER)    
               C} Ten cents   \Dime     (MUST BE ON SAME LINE SEPARATED)     
               D} 25 cents    \Quarter  (BY A BACK SLASH  \ )                
               E} 100 cents   \Dollar                                        
  [A]X                              (X MEANS THIS IS A CROSS MATCH QUESTION) 
  [Q]On January 1, 1990 which planet was farthest from the sun?              
                           A} Jupiter                                        
                           B} Saturn                                         
                           C} Uranus                                         
                           D} Neptune                                        
                           E} Pluto                                          
  :: Pluto's orbit curves inside of Neptune's in two places. (FOOTNOTE)      
  [Q]A traffic sign warning that you are approching a railroad crossing      
  has how many sides?                                                        
          A} Three B} Four C} Five D} Six E} None, it's round                
                                   (ANSWERS CAN BE ON ONE LINE OR MANY)      
  [Q]Which state is the largest?                                             
   A} Alaska B} Montana C} California D} Texas E} Minnesota                  
                                (BE FILL IN THE BLANK, CORRECT ANSWER)       
  [A]A[S]E                      ('ALASKA', ALTERNATE SPELLING 'ALASCA')      

                                  APPENDIX  A                                
    [Q]What was your previous occupation?         (IF YOU HAVE SEVERAL)      
                                                  (COLUMNS OF ANSWERS)       
    A} Retail Sales         F} Police / Fire      (THEY MUST BE LETTERED)    
    B} Manufacturing        G} Computers          (ACROSS LIKE THE NEXT)     
    C} Education            H} Service            (QUESTION)                 
    D} Insurance            I} Medical                                       
    E} Government / Local   J} Government / Fed.                             
    [A]Z                         (Z MEANS THAT THIS IS A SURVEY QUESTION)    
    [Q]How long have you worked at your present job?                         
    A}  1 to  3 years   B}  4 to  6 years      (QUESTION READER READS THE)   
    C}  7 to  9 years   D} 10 to 12 years      (ANSWERS LEFT TO RIGHT)       
    E} 13 to 15 years   F} 16 to 18 years      (HOWEVER HARRIS TEST WILL)    
    G} 19 to 21 years   H} 22 to 24 years      (PRINT THEM TOP TO BOTTOM)    
    I} 25 to 27 years   J} More than 27        (IN MULTIPLE COLUMNS)         
    [Q]A train leaves the Chicago station at 11:00pm traveling West at       
    a speed of 48 miles per hour. On board are Inspector Brown and his       
    prisoner, a burglar named David Green.                                   
       @As the the train goes across the Mississippi River a tug boat,       
    the 'Merry Widow', blows its whistle below the bridge carring the        
       @Did the Inspector get his prisoner to Levenworth Prison and if       
    not, why not?                                                            
                                     (NOTICE THAT EVERY PARAGRAPH EXCEPT)    
    [E]5                             (THE FIRST BEGINS WITH AN @)            
    The first day of each season (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) usually      
    begins on what day of the month?                                         
                                                   (IF THERE ARE)            
    A} 1st  B} 14th  C} 21st  D} 25th  E} 30th     (PARENTHESES IN THE)      
                                                   (QUESTION IT MUST USE)    
                                                   (CURVY BRACKETS TO)       
                                                   (MARK THE ANSWERS)        
    The Spanish Armada was defeated by which country?                        
       A) Germany B) France C) England  D) Italy E) Denmark                  
    Which two films where released in the same year?                         
             A) The Maltese Falcon & Shane                                   
             B) Gone With the Wind & The Wizard of Oz                        
             C) High Noon & Casablanca                                       
             D) Top Hat & 12 O'clock High                                    
             E) Doctor No & Breakfast at Tiffany's                           

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